Meditations: Advent

Humility Before the Mystery of Faith Tuesday of the First Week of Advent “I give you praise, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned you have revealed them to the childlike.” Luke 10:21b So are you “wise and learned” or “childlike?” Which better describes your life? At first, that question may be hard to answer. If we didn’t know that Jesus elevated the quality of being childlike, we may be drawn to call ourselves wise and learned. Of course there is nothing wrong with being wise or learned. The problem comes with what these qualities mean in the mind of Jesus. Jesus uses them to refer to those who think highly of them- selves, are a bit pompous and are what you might call “know-it-alls.” The sad truth is that a “know-it-all” does not actu- ally know it all. They actually fool only them- selves. The ideal is to be like a child in that a child is open to learn in a humble way, at least most of the time. This childlike quality of humility and openness disposes us to receive the true wisdom from above. Jesus gives praise to the Father for hiding the mys- teries of faith from the wise and learned while re- vealing them to the childlike. This is especially important to reflect on as we enter into Advent. Advent is a time when we need childlike faith and openness to understand and penetrate the beautiful mysteries of the Incarnation. Without this humble openness we will never fully understand the won- derful gift of God this Christmas. Reflect, today, upon the openness within your heart. Are you ready and willing to soak in the great mysteries of God who came to make His dwelling place with us and within us? Are you will- ing to embrace that childlike faith necessary to penetrate the great mysteries of our faith? If so, it will be a wonderful Advent and Christmas. Lord, give me the simple and humble faith of a child. Help me to see You as You are and to allow Your pres- ence in our world to penetrate my life. Jesus, I trust in You