Angels of Wisdom and the Educational System

Jophiel means the ‘Beauty of God’ (sometimes called Iofiel, Zophiel, Jofiel) and is particularly helpful to those of us in the creative pursuits of teaching and writing of the arts.

Jophiel, we are told, is one of the original Archangels of creation. It is his job to transmit the ‘thought’ of God into the minds of man and woman. Through Divine inspiration of ‘God-ideas’ we co-create the beauty and art form in the world and some of us with much practice will reach a state of mastery, or enlightenment, where a point of complete understanding of how everything in the universe works, is finally reached.
Believed to be one of the Seraph he is said to have been the angel that drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. He is the ruler of the planet Saturn and cited as the intelligence of planet Jupiter.

According to understanding of the Theosophical Society (The Study of Divine Wisdom ), Jophiel works on the second light ray of Love/Wisdom represented by the colour of golden sunshine yellow and with his Religious Retreat (centre of heightened energy) over-lighting Ancient Lanchow, Central China. In daily life you can work with the energy of Archangel Jophiel to bring wisdom, illumination, clarity, inspiration, knowledge, intelligence, patience and insight; and also when working through our shadows, to overcome ignorance, pride, mental confusion, anger, and narrow-mindedness. Ask to be taken to the Religious Retreat in your sleep if you would like Jophiel’s help to overcome these negative traits.

Rank: Crowned Prince (Archangel), of the 2nd Ray of Illumination/Wisdom

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